1. common
  2. ordinary
  3. usual

Synonyms for vulgaris

  • communiscommon, general, run of the mill
  • consuetacustomary, usual
  • mediocrisaverage, fair, mediocre, moderate, ordinary
  • modicusmeager, ordinary, scanty, undistinguished, within bounds
  • ordinariusaccording to order, ordinary, regular
  • plebeiuscommon
  • profanuscommon, impious, not sacred, ordinary, uninitiated, wicked
  • promiscuscommonplace, indiscriminate, mixed, usual
  • promiscuuscommonplace, indiscriminate, mixed, usual
  • solitusaccustomed, customary, habitual, ordinary, usual

Similar to vulgaris

  • vulgariterin the common way, ordinary manner
  • Vulcanusfire
  • vulgivagusintinerant, vagrant, wandering
  • vulgoimpart, make accessible, publish, to spread
  • vulgusmass, mob, multitude, rabble, the common people
  • vulneroharm, hurt, injure, to wound
  • vulnuswound
  • vulpesfox
  • vulsumpluck out, to pull
  • vulticulusappearance, aspect, look