1. agreeably
  2. pleasantly

Synonyms for volup

  • amicabiliteramicably, pleasantly, sociably
  • dulcidinecharmingly, pleasantly, sweetly
  • lepidecharminly, elegantly, pleasantly, wittily

Similar to volup

  • voluptariusone devoted to pleasure, pleasant
  • voluptaspleasure, sensual delight
  • voluptuosusdelightful, luxurious, pleasurable, pleasure
  • vocealoud
  • vociferatiooutcry
  • vociferorshout, to cry aloud
  • vocisauthority, power, right, voice, word
  • voconame invite, summon, to call, to summon
  • volaticusflighty, flying, inconstant, unreliable, winged
  • volatilisfleeting, flying, rapid, swift, transitory, winged