1. good will
  2. inclination
  3. last will
  4. meaning
  5. purpose
  6. sense
  7. testament
  8. will
  9. wish

Synonyms for voluntas

  • animusbravery, character, consciousness, courage, intellect, memory, often = mind, soul, spirit, vivacity, will
  • benevolentiabenevolence, good will, kindness
  • conatuseffort, exertion, impulse, inclination, undertaking
  • consiliumassembly, consultation, council, deliberation, judgment, measure as in plan, plan, purpose, resolution, suggestion, wisdom
  • cupiodesire, long for, to, to desire, wish
  • desideriumgrief, longing, need, regret, want, wish
  • finisboundary, end, limit, purpose
  • intellectusmeaning, understanding
  • intentioaccusation, aim, attack, attention, design, effort, exertion, intent, intention, plan, purpose
  • moscustom, customs, inclination, manners habit, moris, rule, usage, will, wont

Similar to voluntas

  • voluntariusvoluntary, willing
  • voluptaspleasure, sensual delight
  • vocealoud
  • vociferatiooutcry
  • vociferorshout, to cry aloud
  • vocisauthority, power, right, voice, word
  • voconame invite, summon, to call, to summon
  • volaticusflighty, flying, inconstant, unreliable, winged
  • volatilisfleeting, flying, rapid, swift, transitory, winged
  • volatorfowler, hunter of birds