1. crime
  2. fault
  3. vice

Synonyms for vitium

  • crimenan accusation, cause of a crime, charge, crim, fault, guilt
  • culpablame, fault
  • dedecusblemish, crime, disgrace, dishonor, dishonorable act, shame
  • erratumerror, fault, mistake
  • facinaaction, bad deed, crime, deed, villainy
  • lapsuserror, fall, fault, glide, gradual movement, slide, sliding, to slip
  • maculablemish, fault, flaw, mark, spot, stain
  • malumcrime, damage, evil, injury, misdeed, misfortune
  • mendablemish, error, fault, mistake
  • mendumblemish, error, fault, mistake

Similar to vitium

  • vitiosuscorrupt, full of vice, vicious
  • vituperiuminsult
  • servitiummilitary service, payment of dues, service
  • viaroad, street, way
  • viaticusa journey, money, pertaining to a journey, prize
  • viatormessenger, traveller
  • vicariusvicar
  • vicesper vices -- by turns, successively
  • viciconquer, excel, master, overcome, surpass, win
  • vicinaneighbor