1. be vigilant
  2. to be awake
  3. to keep vigil
  4. watch

Phrases with the word vigilo

Synonyms for vigilo

  • spectoaim at, await, expect, regard, see, tend towards, to behold, to look at, watch

Similar to vigilo

  • violoto injure
  • evigilobe alert, be watchful, to awaken, work hard at
  • viaroad, street, way
  • viaticusa journey, money, pertaining to a journey, prize
  • viatormessenger, traveller
  • vicariusvicar
  • vicesper vices -- by turns, successively
  • viciconquer, excel, master, overcome, surpass, win
  • vicinaneighbor
  • vicinitascontiguity