1. clearly
  2. it is clear
  3. namely
  4. plainly

Phrases with the word videlicet

Synonyms for videlicet

  • candidecandidly, clearly, openly
  • enucleateplainly
  • evidenterclearly, distinctly, plainly
  • planeclearly, plainly
  • scilicetassuredly, certainly, evidently, it is just, namely, no doubt, of course, rightly, that is to say
  • utpoteinasmuch as, namely, seeing that, since

Similar to videlicet

  • videocomprehend, observe, to see, understand
  • videorappear, seem, to be seen
  • licetalthough, granted that, imper v, it is allowed, it is right, just, one may or can
  • viaroad, street, way
  • viaticusa journey, money, pertaining to a journey, prize
  • viatormessenger, traveller
  • vicariusvicar
  • vicesper vices -- by turns, successively
  • viciconquer, excel, master, overcome, surpass, win
  • vicinaneighbor