1. victory

Synonyms for victoria

  • laureolaa laurel branch, crown of laurel, success, triumph, victory
  • laurusbay tree, success, the laurel, triumph, victory

Similar to victoria

  • victualiafoodstuffs, provisions, supplies
  • victorvictor, winner
  • victumbe alive, conquer, excel, master, overcome, surpass, to live, win
  • victusfood, living, manner of life, nourishment, sustenance, victuals
  • curiacourt
  • gloriafame, glory, renown
  • barbariaa country other than Greece or Rome, lack of culture, or uncouth, rudeness, savagery, state of being uncivilized and
  • cibariavictuals
  • diariadaily allowance of pay, food
  • incuriacarelessness, neglect