1. event
  2. occasion
  3. opportunity
  4. time

Synonyms for vicis

  • aetasan age, era, period of life, stage, time
  • casusa falling, accident, chance, downfall, event, fortune, occasion, opportunity, violent death
  • commodumcomfort, convenience, favorable condition, opportunity, profit, requirements, suitable time, tage, use
  • eventusconsequence, event, experience, fate, issue, occurrence, outcome, result, success
  • excitobring about, call forth, occasion, raise up, stir, to awaken, wake
  • facultasability, abundance, capacity, feasibility, means, opportunity, power, resources, stock, store, wealth
  • horahour, time
  • illatafrom infero to cause, occasion
  • indocause, occasion, to establish
  • occasiofavorable moment, opportunity

Similar to vicis

  • vicissimin turn, on the other hand
  • vicissitudoalteration, alternation, change
  • viaroad, street, way
  • viaticusa journey, money, pertaining to a journey, prize
  • viatormessenger, traveller
  • vicariusvicar
  • vicesper vices -- by turns, successively
  • viciconquer, excel, master, overcome, surpass, win
  • vicinaneighbor
  • vicinitascontiguity