1. dress
  2. garb
  3. to clothe

Synonyms for vestio

  • habitusdisposed, dress, habit, in a certain condition
  • induviaeclothes, clothing, garb
  • ornatusattire, dress, embellishment, equipment, ornament, to adornment

Similar to vestio

  • vestigiumfootstep, mark, soles of the feet, trace
  • vestimentumgarment
  • vestitusclothing
  • vescoto eat, to feed
  • vescorto eat, to feed
  • vesperevening, evening star
  • vesperaevening prayer, vespers
  • vespilloundertaker
  • vestisblanket, carpet, clothing, covering, garment, tapestry
  • vestriyou may sing about YOUR pretty gals, your yours