1. interpret
  2. overthrow
  3. rout
  4. to flee
  5. to put to flight
  6. to turn
  7. to turn into
  8. tranform
  9. turn around
  10. turn up
  11. understand
  12. upset

Synonyms for verto

  • agnoscoacknowledge, admit, perceive, recognize, report, to know again, to recognize, understand
  • commoveodisturb, excite, shake, to move violently, upset
  • confugohave recourse to, take refuge, to flee
  • conspiciobehold, perceive, to catch sight of, to observe, understand
  • evertodemolish, dislodge, eject, overthrow, overturn, raise, ruin, throw out, to destroy, to turn out
  • evoloescape, fly away, rush out, to flee
  • fugioavoid, escape, runa aaway, shun, to flee
  • fugochase, chase away, drive into exile, pursue, to put to flight
  • percepilearn, perceive, to gain, understand
  • perceptumlearn, perceive, to gain, understand

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