1. arise
  2. come about
  3. come to pass
  4. happen
  5. to come
  6. to fall into
  7. to get into a certain state

Synonyms for venio

  • adsumbe in attendance, be near, be present, to assist, to come, to to be at hand
  • cedogo away, happen, proceed, to go, to grant, turn out, withdraw, yield
  • emanioarise, emanate, originate, spread, to flow out
  • eveniobefall, happen, to come to pass
  • existoappear, arise, to become, to stand forth
  • exsistoappear, arise, be, exist, happen, take place, to emerge, to stand forth
  • incidofall in with, happen, occur, to fall in or on
  • ioarrive, reach, to come
  • occurocome about, happen, to occur
  • proficiscorarise, depart, march, set out, to arise, to depart, to start forward, to travel

Similar to venio

  • veniafavor, forgiveness, grace, indulgence, pardon
  • venatiogame, hunting, the chase
  • velitatiobickering, dispute, skirmish, wrangling
  • veneratiohonor, respect, reverence, veneration
  • conveniocome together, to join together
  • devenioarrive at, reach, to come to
  • eveniobefall, happen, to come to pass
  • inveniodiscover, find, to come upon
  • pervenioto come to
  • praevenioanticipate, hinder, prevent, to come before, to forestall, to get the start of