1. favor
  2. forgiveness
  3. grace
  4. indulgence
  5. pardon

Synonyms for venia

  • annuoapprove, consent, designate, favor, give assent to, grant, promise, to allow, to give assent, to nod
  • beneficiumbenefit, boon, bribe, favor, gift, pious donation, privilege, reward, right, service, wages
  • clementiaforbearance, gentleness, humanity, indulgence, mercy
  • decorbeauty, grace
  • gratiaesteem, favor, for the sake of, grace, gratitude, in order to, obligation, thanks, to
  • incumboconcentrate, devote oneself to, favor, further, lean over, overhang, promote, to apply oneself, to depend on, to lie or lean upon
  • laetitiadelight, fertility, gladness, grace, joy, richness
  • leticiadelight, fertility, grace, joy, richness
  • letitiadelight, fertility, grace, joy, richness
  • obsequiumindulgence, obedience, pliancy, submission

Similar to venia

  • venioarise, come about, come to pass, happen, to come, to fall into, to get into a certain state
  • venaliasupplies, venial sins
  • verecundiabashfulness, feeling of shame, meekness, shame
  • vegetabilisinvigorating
  • vegetabilitervigorously
  • vegetoto invigorate
  • vegetusfresh, lively, vigorous
  • vegrandisdiminutive, small, tiny
  • vehemensfurious, impetuous, vehement, violent
  • vehementerexceedingly, forcefully, impetuously, strongly, violently