1. honor
  2. respect
  3. reverence
  4. veneration

Synonyms for veneratio

  • cultusreverence, splendor, worship
  • decusdignity, honor, ornament
  • honoresteem, honor, official dignity or office, ornaments, public office
  • mactoafflict, fight, glorify, honor, punish, slay, to magnify
  • ornamentumaccoutrement, decorations, distinction, equipment, furniture, honor, kit, trappings, weapons
  • respiciohave regard for, provide for, respect, to look back, to turn attention to
  • reverentiaawe, reverence
  • salutogreet, pay respect to, reverence, to wish well, visit
  • suspicioesteem, respect, to look upward at, to suspect

Similar to veneratio

  • venatiogame, hunting, the chase
  • veneficuscaster of spells, magical, poisonous, witch, wizard
  • veneniferpoisonous
  • venenumdrug, poison, potion
  • ratioaccount, consideration, judgment, manner, method, procedure, reason, reckoning, system, theory
  • velitatiobickering, dispute, skirmish, wrangling
  • venioarise, come about, come to pass, happen, to come, to fall into, to get into a certain state
  • curatioattention, curing, healing, medical attention
  • erratioa wandering, straying
  • oratioaddress, oration, prayer, speech