1. bickering
  2. dispute
  3. skirmish
  4. wrangling

Synonyms for velitatio

  • altercatiodispute, strife
  • certodispute, fight, settle, to contend, to settle by combat, to struggle
  • disputatiodebate, discussion, dispute
  • litigatiodispute
  • litigodispute, to dispute, to quarrel
  • litisbattle, contention, dispute, fight, fracas

Similar to velitatio

  • venatiogame, hunting, the chase
  • velicocriticize, taunt, to pluck, twitch
  • velierisfleece, hide, skin
  • veliusfleece, hide, skin
  • velivolawinged with sails
  • veneratiohonor, respect, reverence, veneration
  • dilitatioenlarging
  • venioarise, come about, come to pass, happen, to come, to fall into, to get into a certain state
  • certatiocontest
  • citatiocall, summons