1. bad health
  2. condition
  3. good health
  4. health

Synonyms for valetudo

  • causacase, case at law, cause, condition, interest, law, motive, pretext, reason, situation
  • faciesappearance, aspect, condition, countenance, face, look, visage
  • fortunachance, condition, fate, fortune, luck
  • habitudocondition
  • resaffair, being, busines, case, circumstance, condition, deed, event, fact, matter, object, occurrence, thing
  • salushealth, help or assistance, safety, salutation, salvation, well, wellness, wholeness
  • sanitashealth, sanity, soundness of mend
  • sospitashealth

Similar to valetudo

  • valedicobid farewell
  • valeobe effective, be well, have power, to be strong, to have strength
  • vadogo, hasten, rush
  • vacilloto fall into confusion
  • vacoof a master, of property, to be free from work
  • vacuusdevoid of, empty, free from, useless, without
  • vadumford, shallows
  • vagitussqualling
  • vagusvagrant, wandering
  • valensable, healthy, powerful, stong, worthwhile