1. beset
  2. to drive
  3. urge

Synonyms for urgeo

  • appellomove towards, name, summon, to call, to drive, to land
  • insistofollow, to persist in, to enter upon tread, urge
  • instigoincite, stimulate, to goad, urge

Similar to urgeo

  • urbanuspertaining to the city, urban, urbane
  • urbiscity
  • augeoenlarge, enrich, increase, strengthen, to increase
  • egeobe without, lack, to need, want
  • fulgeobeam, shine, to flash
  • lugeobe in mourning, bewail, grieve, to lament, to mourn
  • tergeoclean, scour, to wipe
  • vigeobloom, to flourish
  • adaugeoadd, augment, increase, to make greater
  • indigeoneed, stand in need of, to require