1. alone
  2. at the same time
  3. one
  4. only one
  5. single
  6. unparalleled

Synonyms for unus

  • incomitatusalone, unaccompanied, without followers
  • pariteralike, as well, at the same time, equally, in like manner, likewise, together
  • quondamat one time, deceased, ertswhile, former, formerly, late, once, one
  • simulat once, at the same time, together
  • singularisalone, alone of its kind, machless, solitary, unique
  • singulione apiece, one each, separate, single
  • singulusone at a time, one each, separate, single
  • solusalone, only, the only

Similar to unus

  • ualeoto be able to, to succeed in
  • uberabundant, fertile, fruitful, productive, rich
  • uberrimemost abundantly, most fruitfully, most luxuriantly
  • ubertasabundance, bounty, fertility, plenteousness, plenty, richness
  • uberteabundantly
  • ubias soon as, when, whereas, whereby, wherein
  • ueracitermore truly, more veracious
  • ueratiusmore true
  • ululatushowling
  • unanimisof one mind