1. combined in one
  2. entire
  3. whole

Synonyms for universus

  • integerchaste, complete, entire, irreproachable, undamaged, unhurt, untouched, whole
  • solidussafe, whole
  • summasum, the highest part, whole
  • totusall, complete, entire, whole
  • universacomplete, entire

Similar to universus

  • universacomplete, entire
  • universegenerally, in general
  • universiall together
  • universitasthe whole, total, universe, university, world
  • universumthe world, universe
  • ususemploy, enjoy, experience, possess, profit, skill, tage, to use, use
  • versusline, verse
  • ualeoto be able to, to succeed in
  • uberabundant, fertile, fruitful, productive, rich
  • uberrimemost abundantly, most fruitfully, most luxuriantly