1. from where
  2. from whom
  3. how
  4. whence

Phrases with the word unde

Synonyms for unde

  • quemadmodumhow, in what manner, just as, lust like
  • quomodohow, in what manner, in whatever way, somehow

Similar to unde

  • unciaa twelfth, an ounce
  • unciatimlittle by little
  • undabillow, water
  • undiquealtogether, everywhere, from all sides, on all sides
  • undisonusloud with waves, resounding
  • undoto flood, to surge, undulate, wave
  • unguentumbalm, ointment, salve
  • blandecarefully, softly
  • deindeafterwards, from that place, next, then, thereafter
  • foedefouly, in a filty manner