1. avenging
  2. punishment
  3. revenge

Synonyms for ultionis

  • infortuniumbad luck, misfortune, punishment
  • livorblack and blue mark, bruises, chastisement, malice, punishment
  • piaculuma sin, a victim, atonement, crime, punishment, sacrifice, sin
  • poenapain, penalty, punishment
  • suppliciumpunishment, torment
  • ultioavenging, punishment, revenge
  • ultrixavenging

Similar to ultionis

  • ultioavenging, punishment, revenge
  • nationisbreed, nation, pagan people, people, race
  • ulciscoravenge, get back at, take vengeance on, to take revenge on, to take vengeance for
  • ullatenusin any respect whatever
  • ullusany
  • ulteriusfarther, more ced, more remote
  • ultoravenger
  • ultrixavenging
  • ultroneusof one's own accord
  • deminutionisabasement