1. avenge
  2. get back at
  3. take vengeance on
  4. to take revenge on
  5. to take vengeance for

Synonyms for ulciscor

  • exsequoraccomplish, avenge, carry out, describe, explain, follow to the end, fulfill, keep up, punish, relate, to describe, to execute, to follow to the grave, to maintain
  • infensoavenge, to attack
  • punioavenge, gave vengeance, to punish
  • vindicoappropriate, arrogate, assume, avenge, claim, deliver, liberate, protect, punish, to avenge, to claim, to liberate

Similar to ulciscor

  • ullatenusin any respect whatever
  • ullusany
  • ulteriusfarther, more ced, more remote
  • ultioavenging, punishment, revenge
  • ultionisavenging, punishment, revenge
  • ultoravenger
  • ultrixavenging
  • ultroneusof one's own accord
  • paciscorcovenant, deal, pact, to barter, to make a bargain or agreement, to make an agreement
  • compaciscoragreed upon