1. defense
  2. protection

Phrases with the word tutamen

Synonyms for tutamen

  • araaltar, protection, refuge
  • custodiacustody, guardianship, protection
  • fidesassurance, belief, confidence, engagement, faith, lyre, promise, protection, reliance, string, trust, trustworthiness, truth, word of honor
  • munimentumdefenses, fortification, protection
  • placitumaccord, agreement, assembly for judgment, case, conference, defense, judgment, litigation, meeting, negotiation, pact, plea
  • praesidiumaid, assistance, detachment, garrison, garrison troops, guard, protection, safeguard
  • propugnaculumdefense, fortification, rampart, tower
  • tutaminisdefense, protection
  • tutelacare, charge, guard, guardianship, protection, safeguard, tutelage

Similar to tutamen

  • tutaminisdefense, protection
  • tamenbut, for all that, however, nevertheless, nothwithstanding, still, yet
  • tuyou
  • tubawar
  • tubineuscone shaped
  • tueorguard, protect, to uphold
  • tumeoswell, to be pompous, to puff up
  • tumescoswell, swell up, to swell up with anger
  • tumidusarrogant, elated, swollen
  • tumorcommotion, swelling