1. angered
  2. disturbed
  3. exasperated
  4. restless
  5. troubled

Synonyms for turbatus

  • confususconfounded, confused, disorderly, embarassed, troubled
  • sollicitusagitated, anxious, concerned, restless, troubled, uneasy, worried

Similar to turbatus

  • turbacrowd, disturbance, mob, multitude, uproar
  • turbatioconfusion, disturbance
  • perturbatusabashed
  • turboconfuse, disorder, hurricane, that which spins, throw into disorder, to agitate, to disturb, tornado, unsettle, upset, whirling motion, whirlpool, whirlwind
  • turgidaswollen
  • turmathrong
  • turpea disgrace
  • turpiscontemptible, disgraceful, dishonorable, foul, morally corrupt, ugly, unseemly
  • turpiterin an unseemly manner
  • turpitudobaseness