1. manage
  2. perform
  3. to handle

Synonyms for tractare

  • adimpleocarry out, perform, to fulfill
  • curoadminister, manage, pay attention to, provide money, to care nothing for, to care for, trouble about
  • functusdo, execute, perform, to occupy oneself
  • fungido, execute, perform, to occupy oneself
  • fungoradminister, do, execute, perform, to discharge, to occupy oneself
  • impleocontent, fulfil, perform, satisfy, to fill in, to fill up
  • moderorconduct, diminish, direct, govern, manage, measure, mitigate, play an instrument, take with moderation, temper, to guide, to moderate
  • patroperform, to effect
  • perpetroaccomplish, perform, to complete
  • praestobe outstanding, be responsible for, display, excell, fulfill, offer, perform, present, show, surpass, to answer for, to do, to furnish, to stand before

Similar to tractare

  • tractocompass, deal with, discuss, handle, to drag, to ponder, treat
  • tractumderive, get, pull, to drag
  • tractusa dragging, course, drawing, extension, lapse, length, movement, progress, pulling, space, territory, time, tract
  • certarecontend
  • cogitaremeditate
  • pensitareweigh
  • recitareread
  • fereabout, almost, generally, nearly, not quite, well
  • flereshed tears, to cry, weep
  • forefuture infinitive of sum