1. savage
  2. wild

Synonyms for torva

  • barbarusbarbarian, foreigner, rough, rude, savage, uncouth
  • efferusfierce, savage, undomesticated, untamed, wild
  • effrenusunbridled, unchecked, unrestrained, wild
  • feroxarrogant, courageous, headstrong, spirited, unbridled, warlike, wild
  • ferusfierce, savage, untamed, wild
  • indomitusuntamed, wild
  • inhumanusbarbarous, cruel, inhuman, savage, uncivil, uncivilized

Similar to torva

  • tormentorture
  • torminatorture
  • TornacenseTournai
  • torpeoimmoveable, inactive, inert, numb, to be sluggish
  • torqueobrandish, curl, distort, rack, test, to turn, to twist, torment, torture, turn awry
  • torreoto roast
  • tortitudoinjustice, insincerity, prevarication, wickedness, wrong
  • silvaforest, grove, woods
  • vivaaloud, an oral statement
  • volvawomb