1. label
  2. placard
  3. title
  4. token

Synonyms for titulus

  • lemmaepigram, theme, title
  • notamark, note, sign, token
  • pignuscollateral, gage, pawn, persons in pledges of, pledge, surety, token
  • praenuntiusforetelling, harbinger, omen, token
  • prenunciusforetelling, harbinger, omen, token
  • signumindication, mark, miraculous works, seal, sign, signal, symbol, token

Similar to titulus

  • tituboto waver
  • tituloto call
  • timeobe afraid, dread, to fear
  • timidusfaint, fearful, timid
  • timoralarm, dread, fear, object causing fear
  • tironew recruit, young recruit
  • lectulusa small bed, cot
  • lentulusa little slow, rather slow
  • ventulusbreeze, soft wind
  • capituluschapter, chapter house, chapter meeting