1. to call

Phrases with the word titulo

Synonyms for titulo

  • appellomove towards, name, summon, to call, to drive, to land
  • clamocry aloud, declare, proclaim, shout, to call
  • nuncupoproclaim, to call
  • voconame invite, summon, to call, to summon

Similar to titulo

  • tituboto waver
  • tituluslabel, placard, title, token
  • timeobe afraid, dread, to fear
  • timidusfaint, fearful, timid
  • timoralarm, dread, fear, object causing fear
  • tironew recruit, young recruit
  • abstuloto take away, withdraw
  • postulocontain, demand, impeach, measure, need, prosecute, require, summon, to ask, to complain, try
  • ustuloscorch, singe, to burn
  • expostuloto demand earnestly, to make a claim