1. alarm
  2. dread
  3. fear
  4. object causing fear

Phrases with the word timor

Synonyms for timor

  • concutioagitate, alarm, disturb, shake, shatter, terrorize, to shake together, to strike together
  • exhorrescodread, shudder, to be horrified, to shake, tremble at
  • formidilosuscausing dread, fear, terror
  • formidoafraid, dread, dreadfulness, fear, frightened, scarecrow, terror, to be terrified
  • formidonisdread, dreadfulness, scarecrow, terror
  • metuobe frightened, dread, to fear
  • metusanxiety, dread, fear
  • pavordread, quaking
  • terrorfear, friight, terror
  • timeobe afraid, dread, to fear

Similar to timor

  • timeobe afraid, dread, to fear
  • timidusfaint, fearful, timid
  • tironew recruit, young recruit
  • tituboto waver
  • tituloto call
  • tituluslabel, placard, title, token
  • amoraffection, infatuation, love, passion
  • clamora shout, cry, loud call, outcry
  • memorgrateful, mindful, prudent, remembering, thoughful
  • rimorexplore, investigate, root up, to examine