1. frighten
  2. intimidate
  3. terrify
  4. to affright
  5. to fighten
  6. to scare

Phrases with the word territo

Synonyms for territo

  • terreodeter, scare away, terrify, to frighten

Similar to territo

  • terribilisdreadful
  • terrigenusborn from the earth, human being, indigenous
  • terthree times, thrice
  • tergeoclean, scour, to wipe
  • tergiversatiobackwardness, evasion, reulctance
  • tergoclean, fom behind, in the rear, scour, to wipe
  • tergumback, hide, rear, skin
  • tergushide, leather, skin, the back
  • termesa tree branch
  • terminatiodetermination, setting of boundaries, termination