1. epoch
  2. era
  3. stage
  4. time

Synonyms for tempus

  • aetasan age, era, period of life, stage, time
  • horahour, time
  • pulpitumplatform, stage
  • statusstage
  • temporisepoch, era, stage, time
  • tractusa dragging, course, drawing, extension, lapse, length, movement, progress, pulling, space, territory, time, tract
  • vicisevent, occasion, opportunity, time

Similar to tempus

  • temperantiacontinence, moderation, self, temprance
  • temperobe moderate, control oneself, mitigate, regulate, temper, to mix properly
  • tempestasstorm, weather
  • tempestuosusstormy
  • TemploviumTempleuve, villa near Cisoing
  • templumsacred precinct, sanctuary, sometimes church, temple
  • temporalistransitory
  • temporisepoch, era, stage, time
  • campusfield, level place, plain
  • corpusbody, corpse