1. country
  2. land
  3. region

Synonyms for tellus

  • ageracre, countryside, farm, field, fields, land
  • climaclime, region
  • humuscountry, dirt, earth, ground, land, region, sod, soil
  • oraborder, boundary, clime, coast, country, district, edge, region, residents of a district, rim, sea
  • pagensescountry, inhabitants of a district, peasants
  • parsdirection, part, region, share, side
  • plagaa blow, affliction, blow, buffet, district, plague, region, scourge, slap, stroke, wound, zone
  • regioregion
  • situsidleness, inactivity, region
  • solumbottom, country, floor, foundation, ground, land, soil

Similar to tellus

  • cultellusa little knife
  • bellusbeautiful, charming, handsome, pretty
  • dolusa trap, deceit, fraud, guile, treachery
  • gelusicy coldness
  • malusbad, prefer, to choose
  • nullusno, none, not any
  • palusbog, marsh, pale, quagmire, reed, stake, stay, swamp
  • pilusa single hair, a trifle
  • polusheavens, pole
  • pullusa dark garment, blackish, chick, chicken, dark, gloomy, sad, young, young animal