1. add
  2. forge
  3. put next to
  4. subject
  5. substitute
  6. to put in place of
  7. to put under

Synonyms for suppono

  • adaugeoadd, augment, increase, to make greater
  • addoadd, bring, cause, inspire, join, place, to give
  • imitorsubstitute, to imitate
  • subditussubject
  • subdosubject, subjugate, to subject to
  • subiectoto put down, to put under
  • subponoadd, forge, put next to, subject, substitute, to put in place of, to put under
  • suggeroadd, assign, attach, bring to mind, offer, place next, prompt, provide, suggest, supply, to bring up, to excite
  • summittolower, subject, subordinate, to let down, to send as help, to send secretly
  • themasubject, theme, topic

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