1. punishment
  2. torment

Synonyms for supplicium

  • cruciamentumtorment, torture
  • cruciatustorment, torture
  • crucioto be afflicted, to torture, torment
  • fatigofatigue, harass, tease, to harass, torment, vex, worry
  • infortuniumbad luck, misfortune, punishment
  • livorblack and blue mark, bruises, chastisement, malice, punishment
  • maceroreduce, to soften, torment, weaken
  • multoby a great deal, by a lot, by far, by much, distrain, fine, torment
  • piaculuma sin, a victim, atonement, crime, punishment, sacrifice, sin
  • poenapain, penalty, punishment

Similar to supplicium

  • supplicitersupplicatingly
  • supparumgarment
  • suppeditoto give in abundance
  • suppellectilusfurniture, goods, household articles, ornaments
  • suppellexfurniture, goods, household articles, ornaments
  • supplantoto trip up
  • supplexentreating, kneeling, prayerful, suppliant
  • supponoadd, forge, put next to, subject, substitute, to put in place of, to put under
  • supterbelow, beneath, underneath
  • commerciumfellowship with, wares