1. furniture
  2. goods
  3. household articles
  4. ornaments

Synonyms for suppellectilus

  • honoresteem, honor, official dignity or office, ornaments, public office
  • ornamentumaccoutrement, decorations, distinction, equipment, furniture, honor, kit, trappings, weapons
  • phaleraeornaments, trapping for foreheads and breasts of horses
  • supellectilisapparatus, furniture, gear, goods, household furniture
  • supellexapparatus, furniture, gear
  • suppellexfurniture, goods, household articles, ornaments

Similar to suppellectilus

  • suppellexfurniture, goods, household articles, ornaments
  • supparumgarment
  • suppeditoto give in abundance
  • supplantoto trip up
  • supplexentreating, kneeling, prayerful, suppliant
  • supplicitersupplicatingly
  • suppliciumpunishment, torment
  • supponoadd, forge, put next to, subject, substitute, to put in place of, to put under
  • supterbelow, beneath, underneath
  • rutilusauburn, golden, red, shining