1. exceedingly
  2. very much

Synonyms for summopere

  • maximebest, especially, exceedingly, greatly, particularly, principally, to the highest degree, very
  • singulariterespecialy, exceedingly, one by one
  • valdeexceedingly, extremely, great, greatly, intensely, powerfully, strongly, very, very much
  • vehementerexceedingly, forcefully, impetuously, strongly, violently

Similar to summopere

  • summoneoto give a hint
  • summittereto lower
  • sumoppositely, sity
  • summasum, the highest part, whole
  • summissecalmly, humbly, modestly, softly
  • summissusgentle, let down, lowered, mild
  • summittolower, subject, subordinate, to let down, to send as help, to send secretly
  • prospereprosperously
  • repereto crawl
  • susciperereceive, sponsorship at baptism, take up, to undergo