1. aid
  2. approval support
  3. assistance
  4. church province
  5. franchise
  6. incitement
  7. intercession by saint with god
  8. maintenance
  9. resource
  10. succor
  11. support aid
  12. vote

Synonyms for suffragium

  • adiutoriumaid, assistance, help
  • adiuvoaid, assist, succor, to help
  • adminiculumaid, assistance
  • auxiliumaid, assistance, help, support
  • iuvoaid, assist, delight, gratify, to help, to please
  • opsassistance, fortune, power to aid, power to help, singular: power, treasure, wealth
  • praesidiumaid, assistance, detachment, garrison, garrison troops, guard, protection, safeguard
  • proficioaccomplish, aid, assist, be of use, be tageous, ce, help, to go on, to make progress
  • sciscoask, inquire, investigate, ordain, resolve, to ascertain, vote
  • sentioexperience, hold an opinion, judge, suppose, to feel, to perceive, vote

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