1. aid
  2. assist
  3. help
  4. to assist
  5. to run up under

Synonyms for succurro

  • adiutoriumaid, assistance, help
  • adiuvoaid, assist, succor, to help
  • adminiculumaid, assistance
  • adservioassist, help, to aid
  • adsumbe in attendance, be near, be present, to assist, to come, to to be at hand
  • auxiliumaid, assistance, help, support
  • faciobe of service, help, suffer, suit, to experience, to give permission, to sacrifice
  • iuvoaid, assist, delight, gratify, to help, to please
  • ministroassist, provide, supply, to attend, to serve, wait upon
  • praesidiumaid, assistance, detachment, garrison, garrison troops, guard, protection, safeguard

Similar to succurro

  • succedosubmit, to approach
  • succendoset afire from below, to kindle
  • succenseoto be irritated
  • successiodescendant, descent, succeeding, succession
  • succrescoto grow up after
  • succumboto surrender
  • concurroto concur
  • decurromanoeuver, run in a race, take refuge, to run down, to sail downstream, to sing
  • discurroto run to and fro
  • incurroassail, attack, come upon, raid into, to incur, to run into