1. glimmer
  2. glow
  3. to gleam faintly

Synonyms for subluceo

  • candeoglow, grow brilliant, sparkle, to shine
  • ferveobe excited by passion, boil, foam, glow, rage, seethe, to be boiling hot, to boil
  • incalescoglow, kindle
  • niteobe bright, be sleek, flourish, glitter, glow, to shine
  • nitorbrightness, brillance, brilliance, depend upon, elegance, exert oneself, glow, lean, make an effort, persevere, splendor, support oneself, to endeavor, to rest, to strive, trust in

Similar to subluceo

  • subluoflow beneath, to wash beneath
  • suojoin, to stitch
  • subeosubmit to, to approach
  • subruodestroy, overhtrow, to undermine
  • suadeoto recommend
  • subaudiohear a little
  • subicioto subordinate
  • subrideoto smile
  • superfluobe superfluous, flow over, overflow
  • supervenioarrive, arrive unexpectedly, come up, to arrive, to overtake