1. dull
  2. dumb
  3. obtuse
  4. slow of mind
  5. stolid

Synonyms for stolidus

  • bardusdull, slow, stupid
  • pigerdull, lazy, slow
  • pigradull, lazy, slow
  • pigrumdull, lazy, slow
  • plumbeusbad, dull, heavy, leaden, made of lead, opressive, stupid

Similar to stolidus

  • stolidestupidly
  • stostand firm, stand still, stand upright, to stand, to stand one's ground
  • stomachatafume, irritated with, vexed at
  • callidusclever, cunning, dextrous, experienced, skilful, sly
  • geliduscold, freezing, frosty, icy
  • palliduscausing paleness, pale, wan
  • solidussafe, whole
  • validusable, exceeding, mighty, powerful, robust, strong, vigorous
  • egeliduslukewarm, tepid, thawed
  • pervalidusvery strong