1. a pike
  2. a stylus for writing
  3. pale
  4. writing

Synonyms for stilus

  • apiceswriting
  • pallensdrooping, pale, pale green, pale yellow, wan, weak
  • palliduscausing paleness, pale, wan
  • palusbog, marsh, pale, quagmire, reed, stake, stay, swamp

Similar to stilus

  • stimulusincentive
  • stimulogoad
  • stipatioa crowd of attendants, a following
  • stipatoran attendant of a nobleman
  • stipatoresattendants, bodguard, following, retinue
  • stipesbranch, club, log, post, stump, tree trunk
  • stipisgift, small coin
  • stipoattend, gather around, to compress, to press around
  • bellusbeautiful, charming, handsome, pretty
  • dolusa trap, deceit, fraud, guile, treachery