1. at once
  2. firmly
  3. immediately
  4. instantly
  5. on the spot
  6. steadfastly

Phrases with the word statim

Synonyms for statim

  • confestimimmediately, rapidly, speedily, without delay
  • constanterdependably, firmly, steadily
  • iamalready, by now, further, henceforth, immediately, indeed, just, moreover, now, presently, soon
  • ilicetimmediately, it is finished, right away
  • ilicoimmediately, in that very place, on the spot
  • illicoimmediately, in that very place, on the spot
  • jugiterconstantly, continually, instantly, perpetually
  • obnixeinstantly, with all one's strength
  • protinuscontinuously, forward, further on, immediately
  • simulat once, at the same time, together

Similar to statim

  • stabilisfirm, stable, steadfast
  • stabilitasdurability, firmness, stability, steadfastness
  • StabulausStavelot
  • statioassembly
  • statuaimage, statue
  • statumstand firm, stand still, to stand
  • statuodecide, establish, make an arrangment, place, set up, to cause to stand, to establish, to give a ruling, to hold
  • statusstage
  • cautimcautiously, with security
  • fartimfilling, stuffing