1. durability
  2. firmness
  3. stability
  4. steadfastness

Synonyms for stabilitas

  • constantiaconstancy, firmness, solidity
  • firmitudodurability
  • perseverantiaperseverence, persistence, steadfastness
  • pertinaciafirmness, obstinacy, stubborness
  • pondusa pound's weight, constancy, firmness, heavy body, load, mass, weight, weight of character

Similar to stabilitas

  • stabilisfirm, stable, steadfast
  • StabulausStavelot
  • statimat once, firmly, immediately, instantly, on the spot, steadfastly
  • statioassembly
  • statuaimage, statue
  • statumstand firm, stand still, to stand
  • statuodecide, establish, make an arrangment, place, set up, to cause to stand, to establish, to give a ruling, to hold
  • statusstage
  • instabilitasconstant motion, restlessness
  • qualitasnature, property, quality