1. cave
  2. cavern
  3. den
  4. grotto

Synonyms for specus

  • antrumgrotto
  • caveacave, cavity, hollow place, pit
  • caveocave, cavity, give security, hollow place, mortgage, pit
  • cavernacave, cavern, cavity, hollow place
  • claustrumbar, bolt, cloister, den, enclosure, pen, prison
  • cryptacovered gallery, grotto, vault
  • cubilebed, den, hive of bees, lair, nest, seat

Similar to specus

  • specialisconfidential, initimate or special friend, secret
  • specialissimusindividual, peculiar, very strange
  • specialitaspeculiarity, special friendship, special quality, speciality
  • speciesmien, quality, splendor
  • specimenideal
  • speciosusbeautiful, handsome, imposing, specious plausible
  • speculatioobservation
  • speculummirror
  • sperohope, to hope, to hope for
  • arcusarc, arch, bend, bow