1. clever
  2. skillful

Synonyms for sollers

  • artificiosusaccomplished, skillful, skillfuly made
  • callidusclever, cunning, dextrous, experienced, skilful, sly

Similar to sollers

  • solsun
  • sollertiaingenuity
  • solliciteanxiously, worriedly
  • sollicitoarouse, incite, to concern oneself about the future or about others, to stir up
  • sollicitudoanxiety, apprehension, concern, disquiet, solicitude, uneasiness, worry
  • sollicitusagitated, anxious, concerned, restless, troubled, uneasy, worried
  • solvobreak up, dissolve, free, release, to loosen, untie
  • solersadroit, ingenious, ready, skilled, well