1. especialy
  2. exceedingly
  3. one by one

Synonyms for singulariter

  • maximebest, especially, exceedingly, greatly, particularly, principally, to the highest degree, very
  • summopereexceedingly, very much
  • valdeexceedingly, extremely, great, greatly, intensely, powerfully, strongly, very, very much
  • vehementerexceedingly, forcefully, impetuously, strongly, violently

Similar to singulariter

  • singularisalone, alone of its kind, machless, solitary, unique
  • singulione apiece, one each, separate, single
  • singulusone at a time, one each, separate, single
  • sincerusgenuine, real
  • singultimstammeringly
  • singultoto sob
  • singultusdeath rattle, gasping, sobbing
  • diriterabominably
  • feriterfiercely
  • pariteralike, as well, at the same time, equally, in like manner, likewise, together