1. genuine
  2. real

Synonyms for sincerus

  • incorruptusgenuine, pure, uncorrupted, untainted
  • vereactually, in fact, real, really, rightly, true, truly
  • verusproper, real, right, true

Similar to sincerus

  • singularisalone, alone of its kind, machless, solitary, unique
  • singulariterespecialy, exceedingly, one by one
  • singulione apiece, one each, separate, single
  • singultimstammeringly
  • singultoto sob
  • singultusdeath rattle, gasping, sobbing
  • singulusone at a time, one each, separate, single
  • procerustall
  • ruscountryside, rural area, the country
  • barruselephant