1. seal
  2. sign

Synonyms for sigillum

  • indiciumdata, evidence, indication, information, pointer, sign
  • notamark, note, sign, token
  • signumindication, mark, miraculous works, seal, sign, signal, symbol, token
  • subcriboprosecute, sign, to write beneath

Similar to sigillum

  • siif
  • sibimetto them themselves
  • SicliniumSeclin
  • sicutas, as it were, just as, just as if
  • sidereusheavenly, starry
  • sidusconstellation, star
  • silenssilent, still
  • silentioto to keep silent, to silence
  • silentiumobscurity, quiet, repose, silence, stillness
  • sileobe silent about, rest, silent, to be still