1. military service
  2. payment of dues
  3. service

Synonyms for servitium

  • beneficiumbenefit, boon, bribe, favor, gift, pious donation, privilege, reward, right, service, wages
  • famulatusallegiance, an extablishment of slaves, attention, obedience, obeisance, service, servitude, slavery, vassalage
  • munerisduty, function, gift, office, service
  • munusduty, function, gift, office, present, service, spectacle, tribute
  • officiumduty, job, obligation, office, position, post, responsibility, service

Similar to servitium

  • servitusservitude, slavery
  • vitiumcrime, fault, vice
  • sermocommon talk, conversation, discussion, rumor, speech, talk
  • sermocinareto talk to oneself
  • sermocinatiodisputation
  • servaresave
  • servatsaves
  • servoguard, keep, observe, protect, reserve, save, serve, to preserve, to watch over
  • servusquarrelsome servant, serf, servant, slave
  • hostiumthe enemy