1. attendant
  2. attending
  3. following
  4. pursuing

Phrases with the word sequax

Synonyms for sequax

  • comitatusaccompanied, following, retinue, train, war band
  • custodisattendant, guard, guardian, keeper, spy, watchman
  • custosattendant, guard, guardian, keeper, spy, watchman
  • posterusfollowing, future, next, subsequent
  • postremofollowing, future, next, subsequent
  • stipatoresattendants, bodguard, following, retinue
  • subsequensensuing, following, of sequor

Similar to sequax

  • secedoto go apart, to withdraw, withdraw
  • secernoto separate
  • secessussolitary retreat
  • secludoto shut out
  • secoamputate, divide, hurt, part, to cut, to fly or cut through, to settle, wound
  • secretariusprivy counsellor
  • secretumprivate, retired, secret, secret conversation, solitary, to separate
  • secrevito separate
  • secuiamputate, divide, hurt, part, to cut, wound
  • secundumaccordingly, in an accordance with