1. frequently
  2. often
  3. repeatedly

Synonyms for sepius

  • crebrooften, one after the other, repeatedly, time after time
  • frequenterfrequently
  • identidemagain and again, repeatedly
  • pluriesfrequently, often
  • quotiensoften
  • saepeenclosure, fence, frequently, haye, hedge, often, repeatedly
  • saepiusfrequently, often, repeatedly
  • sepeenclosure, fence, frequently, haye, hedge, often, repeatedly

Similar to sepius

  • seriusgrave, serious, solemn
  • secretariusprivy counsellor
  • piusaffectionate, compassionate, dutiful, godly, gracious, holy, honest, kind, pious, respectful, upright
  • secedoto go apart, to withdraw, withdraw
  • secernoto separate
  • secessussolitary retreat
  • secludoto shut out
  • secoamputate, divide, hurt, part, to cut, to fly or cut through, to settle, wound
  • secretumprivate, retired, secret, secret conversation, solitary, to separate
  • secrevito separate